Your Best Friend in Corporate Video Production

When shooting professional corporate video footages – which are meant to be stable, smooth and steady – a tripod is needed to get the best quality tilts, zooms and pans. And when shooting images with longer focal length optics, using a tripod is the best ideal method for ensuring image sharpness. It is impossible to overstate the importance of a tripod. Put another way, a tripod is your best friend when making a corporate video production and taking photos.

Different Types of Tripod Heads

Pan Head Tripod:

Also known as a pan and tilt head, the pan head tripod is typically used for panoramas. It has one spirit level, a scale marked in degrees at least for the vertical axis, and lockable lever that allows independent rotation of the camera to about three perpendicular axes. A pan head tripod is however not the best for corporate video production purposes as it is purely meant for shooting landscape stills.

Ball Head Tripod:

A ball head tripod personifies the word simplicity with its fewer and simple controls. It is purposely meant to provide smooth movement when shooting videos. However, it is not the best tripod head for shooting professional corporate video production footages since it makes specific image and alignment positioning a challenge, thanks to its lacking of precise movement controls aptly needed for a video shoot.

“Fluid Head” Tripod:

For professional corporate video production and heavy filming purposes, the fluid head tripod takes the Oscar home. It literally reduces the friction between moving parts of its head sequentially reducing the risk of vibrations to the shoot during a tilt or pan and the risk of its operator introducing any jerkiness to the footage. The fluid head tripod provides extreme smooth and free movement for the camera thus making it the best.

Benefits of A “Fluid Head” Tripod in Corporate Video Production

The beauty of a fluid head tripod is that not only does it offer almost 5 independent drag steps for both pan and tilt movements when shooting videos, it also greatly utilizes an internal fluid that aids smooth motion through resistance, which can be fine-tuned by its operator for a custom experience of a lifetime when shooting a corporate video production. In other words, the fluid head tripod is just what the doctor ordered.

Additionally, a fluid head tripod often employs counter-balance systems to keep your camera accessories – think audio equipment, lens and camera – well balanced over the apex of the stick when shooting a corporate video production. Put another away, to counter-balance the weight of your rig throughout the tilt range of the head, the fluid head tripod provides proper amounts of torque. Talk of having a perfect balance system.