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Explainer Videos and Kinetic Technology: You Know You Love It; You Just Can’t Remember Its Name.

Kinetic Typography is that medium you love, trust me. You didn’t know its name though. Kinetic Typography has been around for a while. Basically it is film, words, pictures and movement together to make a point. Alfred Hitchcock was a master of this medium. North by Northwest is an example. The scene where Cary Grant is running from the crop duster used kinetic technology. The scene at Mount Rushmore used the same technology for a look up George Washington’s nose.

We all can agree video is the medium used to garner the largest audience. Print is fine, and can say the same thing. For example you can make the argument that running is good for your heart. In print, big deal. Show a person running with words like healthy, and vital moving across the screen in your explainer videos. You have sold the concept to your audience. It is taking your best concepts and putting them in a blender. The outcome is perfection – often called explainer videos or  whiteboard videos.

The animation videos used in kinetic typography grabs at you. The social justice group Anonymous uses this to advance their causes. You see a stark screen and suddenly, a mask. Shades of , black and red with a mask devoid of emotion. Words come across the screen at a constant pace. The ad is not loud or showy. Your attention is reeled in by the images working with the background and script. You can name the ads you have seen by this group. Their ideals may not be yours, but you know their work. That is the power of animation videos.

Take your basic idea you want your audience to grasp. It could be volunteering at a food pantry. Show food moving across empty plates, words like want, hunger and need. At its most basic, you have made an ad using kinetics. Add in pictures of people, all ages, races and your video production is creating an experience.

Kinetic technology in whiteboard videos takes a simple idea using a white board and advances it. How do you deal with hunger? How do you make it an issue without missing your audience? You took keywords, empty plates and pictures of everyday people. You have caused an emotion to stir inside of someone. That is enough to get someone involved, emotional connection. It could be them or someone they love.

Can this be used in sales, education and other fields? Take a perfume bottle, words like kiss, scent, first date pop up on screen. Drop a silk curtain that is sheer, and put the name of the perfume. You have sold romance better than any matchmaker.

The beauty of kinetic technology and its applications in video production are endless. If you have a need or an idea, it can be sold. From social activism to a first date, we all should be so lucky.

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